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Managing packages


Entware is a modern alternative to Optware and was originally designed for use on OpenWRT but has been adapted for use on other distributions, it is similar to apt/yum/pacman in that it will allow you to install over 2000+ Linux applications.


  1. SSH into your device
  2. Run installentware
  3. Reboot after that completes

Command-line instructions

You can manage packages over ssh using the command-line interface.

Command                                              Description
opkg update Fetch a list of available packages from the OpenWrt package repository.
opkg list Display a list of available packages and their descriptions.
opkg list | grep -e <search> Filter the list by a search term in the package name or its description.
opkg install <packages> Install a package.
opkg remove <packages> Uninstall a previously installed package.