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GPDWin 4


Device CPU / Architecture Kernel GL driver Interface
Win 4 Amd Ryzen 7 6800U / (x86_64) Mainline Linux Radeonsi Weston + Emulation Station


Feature                 Notes
Storage JELOS can be run from an SD Card, USB Drive or installed directly to the internal NVME.
When installed directly to the NVME; an SD Card can be used for game storage.
Wifi Can be turned on in Emulation Station under Main Menu > Network
Bluetooth Supports bluetooth audio and controllers
Fan Can be set globally, per system or per game.
TPD Limit Can be set globally, per system or per game.
Rumble Enables the device rumble motor in emulators that support it.



Download the latest AMD64 version of JELOS from the button below and follow the instructions listed on the Install page.

Latest Version Latest Version

Booting from an SD Card

In order to launch JELOS from an SD card or a USB drive you will need to first change the boot order in the BIOS.

During boot you can enter the bios by either pressing the del key on the built-in keyboard.

In the bios; navigate to the Boot menu and then change the boot order to prioritize the SD card under Boot Order Priorities. Then go Save & Exit and select the Save Changes and Exit option. This change will persist through all reboots. If you want to boot into Windows simply remove the SD Card or USB drive.

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