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Odroid Go Advance


Device CPU / Architecture Kernel GL driver Interface
Odroid Go Advance Rockchip RK3326 (ARM) Mainline Linux Panfrost Weston + Emulation Station



Download the latest RK3326 version of JELOS from the button below and follow the instructions listed on the Install page.

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Analogue Stick

There are several parameters available for the analogue stick in the odroidgo2_joypad driver. These can be used to work around stick drift, or a disconnected stick, perhaps due to a broken connector on the mainboard (which causes stick input to the right to permanently register).

Parameter Notes
joystick_fuzz 0 - 1800, used to filter noise from the event stream
joystick_flat 0 - 1800
joystick_y_range 0 - 1800
joystick_x_range 0 - 1800
joystick_deadzone 0 - 1800

To override a parameter value, modify bootargs in boot.ini. For example to disable the analogue stick input, modify boot.ini to use the following values as per this Odroid forum post:

setenv joystick_fuzz "1800"
setenv joystick_flat "1800"
setenv joystick_y_range "1800"
setenv joystick_x_range "1800"
setenv joystick_scale "2"
setenv joystick_deadzone "1800"
setenv joystick_config "button-adc-x-range=${joystick_x_range} button-adc-y-range=${joystick_y_range} button-adc-fuzz=${joystick_fuzz} button-adc-flat=${joystick_flat} button-adc-scale=${joystick_scale} button-adc-deadzone=${joystick_deadzone}"

setenv bootargs "<snip - existing bootargs> ${joystick_config}"

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