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Game Console R33S


Device CPU / Architecture Kernel GL driver Interface
R33S Rockchip RK3326 (ARM) Mainline Linux Panfrost Weston + Emulation Station


RetroArch Hotkeys

Button Combo Action
SELECT+START (x2) Quit Game
SELECT+R1 Save State
SELECT+L1 Load State
SELECT+R2 Fast-Forward


  • By default JELOS will detect your controller and configure RetroArch hotkeys automatically. This is controlled by the "AUTOCONFIGURE RETROARCH HOTKEYS" option in the Settings > Controller & Bluetooth menu. While the option is enabled, RetroArch hotkeys will be overwritten by the above defaults each time RetroArch is launched. If this behavior is not desired that option can be disabled and your user-defined RetroArch hotkeys will be used instead.

Mednafen Hotkeys

Button Combo Action
SELECT+START (hold for 2sec) Quit Game
SELECT+R1 Save State
SELECT+L1 (hold for 2sec) Load State
SELECT+R2 Fast-Forward
THUMBR+L1 Select disc
THUMBR+R1 Eject/Insert disc
THUMBR+D-Pad Left Decrease save slot by 1
THUMBR+D-Pad Right Increase save slot by 1
THUMBR+L2 Configure buttons on virtual port 1


  • By default JELOS will expand the configuration file according to the first controller mednafen finds. This only happens when the config file doesn't exist (meaning the first time or if you manually delete it). After the initial expansion you are free to customize the controls.

Global Hotkeys

Button Combo Action
SELECT+Vol + Brightness Up
SELECT+Vol - Brightness Down
START+Vol + Battery Status
START+Vol - WIFI Toggle

HDMI Output

These instruction only work for aarm64 devices. This is not implemented for x86_64 devices.

Press L1 + START + SELECT while in EmulationStation to swtich between Screen and HDMI output.

While this should work; it doesn't always result in the correct resolution. The best way to get consistent results is to turn off the device, plug in an HDMI cable and reboot.

"Why doesn't hot-plugging just work?"... Hot-plug HDMI switching is a fairly complex action to accomplish and not something we have implemented on any device. If you are a developer and interested in helping to build this functionality please start here: Contribute




Download the latest RK3326 version of JELOS from the button below and follow the instructions listed on the Install page.

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