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.doom files

These files must be created for each WAD that you want to load with gzdoom or lzdoom. The file contains IWAD variables and optional MOD variables. Multiple IWAD and MOD variables can be used in the same file to load multiple wads, mods and packages. Therefore, multiple .doom files can be created for the same WAD for each configuration of the game. It is recommended to store WAD files in a iwads subfolder and MODs in a mods subfolder and include the full path to each file in the .doom file.

Example: /storage/roms/doom/doom.doom contains

to load vanilla doom

Note: don't leave any space between GRP or PATH and = and enclose filenames containing spaces with "quotes"

Example: /storage/roms/doom/heretic-mod.doom contains

-- end --
to load Heretic with additional patches and mods.

Note: add -- end -- to the end of the file when it contains multiple lines