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.scummvm or .svm files

These files are created by _Scan ScummVM script in /storage/.config/scummvm folder (which is also displayed in EmuStation). The script scans for game folders and generates the relevant .scummvm files to launch those games. The files are stored in /storage/.config/scummvm/games.

.scummvm files are named using the common name of the game and the Game Short Name in brackets (e.g. Beneath a Steel Sky (sky).scummvm).

.scummvm files contain a single line in the form:

  • --path= variable and the path to the folder containing the game, followed by
  • Game Short Name

Example: /storage/.config/scummvm/games/Beneath a Steel Sky (sky).scummvm contains

--path="/roms/scummvm/Beneath a Steel Sky (CD VGA)" sky

Note: enclose filenames containing spaces with "quotes"

Note: .scummvm and .svm files are identical and interchangeable

Note: the .scummvm files are NOT stored in /roms/scummvm and any .scummvm files stored there will not be displayed by EmuStation. EmuStation only displays .scummvm files that are in /storage/.config/scummvm/games.

Note: to display metadata and media within EmuStation, put gamelist.xml in /storage/.config/scummvm/games and media into relevant subfolders (e.g. /storage/.config/scummvm/games/media folder with boxart, images and videos subfolders)